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AccuReQs (Accurate Requisition System) is a requirements generation tool created using latest Low-code/No-code Rapid Application Development technology from AccioTek Solutions. It is a Software As A Service (SaaS) based solution that transforms the challenges associated with Federal Acquisitions into more manageable and maneuverable fragments – delivering technology and solution that empowers contracting and acquisition professionals.

Empowering Federal Acquisition Professionals

A feature rich "CRADLE-TO-CONTRACTING" Procurement Request Generation Capability that enables Federal Acquisition Professionals to create procurement request (Purchase Request) effectively and efficiently while reducing overall time and cost.


Cloud based web application reduces burden of overwhelming paperwork and human errors with the ability to integrate with any Contract Writing System (CWS). 

Work better together

Your team can "COLLABORATE-TO-CREATE" documents such as Purchase Request (PR), Performance Work Statement (PWS), Statement of Work (SOW), Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE), and Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP).

Reviews and Approvals are just a click away

Present your work to the Review Board and Management, all within one web application, eliminating the need for additional paperwork and maintaining additional applications. 

Easily manage work assignment

Assign and reassign work to a user or to a group through our flexible and fluid work flow management feature that is guaranteed to fit any organization need. 

What's included?

AWS GovCloud Hosting
Live & On-demand Training
Premier Support
DevOps & SecOps
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